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About My Car is Here

My Car is Here is a World-Class Chauffeured Services company in the NY/NJ tri-state area.

Our company uses late model sedans (Teslas, Mercedes S500, Lexus LS460 and Lincoln MKT )

SUVs (2020 and 2021 Cadillac Escalades, Lincoln Navigator) )

Mercedes Sprinter 10-14 Passenger Vans, Party Busses, Mini Busses and limos for corporate events, airport car service, and all other occasions in the NY/NJ metropolitan area.

Pride in Every Ride!




This is the price that would be given for the ride when you call or place an online reservation or calculated by you using our fare calculator and does not include the following:


We charge $35 per hour for any waiting time that occurs after the given grace period which is 30 minutes at local pickups as well as OUTSIDE AIRPORTS (By the curb) pickups and 30 minutes at Inside Airport pickups for domestic flight 45 minutes for the international flight. It's always advised for passengers to inform us of any major delays or changes in their schedule to avoid waiting time charges.


We charge $5 to $10 for stops made within the same town. $15 for stops made in towns within the route of destination. Half of the price of towns not within the route of destination.


There is a $16 toll for trips made to NYC from the state of New Jersey. As well as $16 and up the toll to JFK, LGA airports depending on the route chosen. MY CAR IS HERE will charge for all round-trip tolls to and from the designated destination.


MY CAR IS HERE charges its clients for parking during Inside pickups at airports usually $8 for the first hour and $8 for every additional hour after the first hour. REMARK: to avoid parking charges you can always request an OUTSIDE pickup.


MY CAR IS HERE offers It's clients this option where the driver will be instructed to meet the passenger by the baggage claim with a sign that has his or her last name on it, the driver will then escort the passenger to the designated car location (Assisting with the luggage). This package comes with a complimentary 30 minutes free from the scheduled arrival time and costs an additional $10.You can always request an OUTSIDE PICK UP (By the curb) to avoid such charges.


MY CAR IS HERE recommends that parents get their own BABY SEATS however we can provide one for an additional $5 (please include that when you place your reservation).


We charge 15% to 20% gratuity for all prepaid and corporate jobs but there are no other HIDDEN FEES to its clients however a tip can be given separately to the driver upon the customer's discretion and content.


MY CAR IS HERE will honor reservations up to 90 DAYS before the date of service at NO EXTRA charge and no less than 12 HOURS before the time of service. When you place a reservation you are guaranteed a car OR the price of your ride. AT MY CAR IS HERE we are confident of our punctuality that we are willing to pay 100% of your ride cost if we fail to deliver your accommodation.


The Passenger can make a reservation with MY CAR IS HERE via phone, fax, and email or through our website. We guarantee your car will be waiting for you according to your preferences. MY CAR IS HERE will verify arrival times directly with your airline to avoid extra cost for delays, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the airline company. The Client can request an inside pick up. We confirm with your Airline the arrival time and dispatch your car ahead of time to allow enough time to park and meet you at the baggage claim with a company sign bearing your name. It costs extra for parking. The Client can request an outside pick up at the departed level to avoid parking fee and extra charges. At Newark Airport, MY CAR IS HERE guarantees you a car without reservation if you give us a call from the terminal. There will be a car for you within 30 minutes. MY CAR IS HERE also guarantees that a chauffeur will be waiting up to 30 minutes on domestic flights and up to 45 minutes on international flights before applying charges for no-shows. If the Passenger leaves without notifying MY CAR IS HERE, there will be a no-show fee applied to your credit card. There is a 100% charge fee for your scheduled trip into New York City on domestic/international arrivals, plus parking costs if there is any. All airport pickups will be charged to a previous credit card provided by the customer at the time of reservation. If the customer decides to pay cash during and after the transaction has taken place, there will be no charged placed on the customer's credit card. If the reservation is made on a second person’s name, MY CAR IS HERE will require the contact's telephone number.


These are MID-SIZED to LARGE corporate accounts that provide MY CAR IS HERE with quite a fair amount of volume work. There will be no 20% service charge on those accounts HOWEVER a $2 per voucher fee applies for each ride towards billing and invoices. To open a corporate account please consults one of our SALES REPRESENTATIVES for special pricing.


All MY CAR IS HERE vehicles are non-smoking unless the client request for a smoking car.


All drivers are very knowledgeable and familiar with the tri-state geography, thus providing you with the fastest and shortest route to your destination, however, specific routes could be requested by the passenger as long as it remains in the route of destination. Other specific instructions could be given ahead of time for special pricing.


All MY CAR IS HERE vehicles are fully insured and bonded providing you (our clients) with up to $1,500,000 of LIABILITY. Complying with New Jersey state law R.S. 48:16-22 and RS 48:16-14 as well as New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. Also, drivers are frequently tested for controlled substances and driving skills.


We will charge clients a 'Getting Sick in the Car Fee' of $75.00 for a sedan and $150.00 for a stretch-limo. You could always avoid this fee by asking the driver to pull over safely on the side or in any service area so you can refresh yourself.


We will gladly accept your cancellations, understanding the following terms: Black Car reservations will be accepted within four hours of scheduled pick-up MY CAR IS HERE service cancellations will be accepted within 48 hours of scheduled pick-up time. Please consider that deposits are non-refundable.

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